Monday 23 October 2017

The Blame Game, How It Prevents Self Improvement And Growth

Growing up as kids, Sundays were usually our best days, because as a family we had picnics in the parks, it was always loaded with fun,but that’s even nothing compared to going to my uncles house. His house was like a mini palace, and the kids section was just the bomb.It had everything a kid would ever want, starting from bouncing castle to roller coasters, swings, there’s nothing that was not there…really! It was the place to be for any kid.

That fateful day, on getting home my younger sister walked up to my mum and asked her a simple and innocent question. “Mummy in your next world, would you still marry daddy? Of course yes she answered; and in any other world I will still marry your dad.Surprisingly, my little sis now sobbing replied her “mummy why didn’t you marry the richest man in the world so i can live in a castle like Uncle Teds’ kids. I blame you for not having my own castle;” she concluded.

Most of us even as adults still play the blame game, especially on our parents. We blame them for not been rich, educated, not involved in politics…in fact the blame list is endless. The truth is that when we are born, we look like our parents but when we are old we look like our decisions! We come in to the world with our parents DNA, but we would leave the world with the choices we made.

Apart from blaming our parents, we are good at blaming the country, the government, the economy, the type of business we chose, our employers, our employees, even our fellow colleagues not to talk of the customer service people some even go as far as to blame their spouse. Infact, a former president of Nigeria, once said that people,so blame the government, that even if the man cannot perform his conjugal duties, he puts the blame on the government.

I and my good friend Bisi( read more on Bisi  )  were experts in blaming the economy until I realized that weather the economy is booming or not, I am still in the same situation and anytime i go into the banks, there is still the inflow and outflow of cash.

The objective of the blame game is to see how many people you can point the finger at, without looking at yourself. It is easier to blame others for your situation but it is much more productive to search your past and find out how you caused it.All the blame game is a waste of time, no matter how much fault you find in others or the situation, as a matter of fact, regardless of how much you blame, it will neither change you nor the situation. The only thing blame does, is to keep the focus off your mark,and you only end up looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration. Nobody is responsible for your life except you; therefore, take charge of your life. You have the power to decide not to be in the same place you were yesterday. Your life would definitely change, when you stop the blame game. Be the boss of your life. You have no idea what you are capable of doing until you try.(Read more on the blame game
Stop blaming, Start Working. 

So your guys lets do a quick one, who do you think gets the most blame?
1 government
2 parents
4 spouses 
5 employees
6 other

 I could not help it, had to end this post with an humorous video by Brene Brown on blame

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