Saturday 5 August 2017


Jcee ooo! You won't believe who just bought a 2017 range rover sport… my brother excitedly told me over the phone. Who? I replied. It’s my guy Jude ooo. That my guy is doing very well. He went on to tell me about the many business ventures Jude was involved in and how profitable they were. After I dropped the phone, I reflected on how I met Jude.

There was a 3-day exhibition program the Federal government organized to support youths’ ideas that can lead to employment. I was then single and living with friends. Coincidentally, two of my younger brother's friends came all the way from Jos and since they didn't know anyone in Abuja, they decided to sleep in the venue. At midnight, some armed robbers came and took everything they had including their laptops, leaving them stranded. My bro had to call to ask me if they could stay with me for the duration of the program; to which I accepted.

After they had settled down in the parlor and were about having dinner, one of my flat mates was like; So you guys came all the way from Jos, put yourselves in harm's way in fact on gun point for this government and you guys actually believe this government will fund this your million naira dream? She continued; well let me tell you what will happen. The government officials will only favor somebody who knows somebody among them. So I’ll advise that you better wake up and forget all about this dreams you’re dreaming because it will not work here in Nija, except you have someone  in government!!.
I could see the hopelessness written all over their faces throughout the rest of our dinner. 

The next morning one of them (Jude) came over to me and said Jcee it is true that I don't know anybody in the government; I don't even know anybody in Abuja.  But God has given me ideas and I am definitely going to put my all into this project because I believe that He who began this work in me is faithful to complete it
I remember marveling at such faith; such confidence, determination and belief. I just knew he would go far because the first and greatest obstacle to success for most people is their level of belief in themselves and their dreams.

What often hinders them is not lack of talent or intelligence, but lack of trust in themselves,   which is a self-imposed limitation.
 You need to believe your best; you need to believe in your potentials. Having confidence in what you do gives you the power to achieve it.
“Talent is given, and it opens doors to opportunities but you must earn success.” If you keep believing in yourself and your potentials, you will someday find yourself doing what you once considered impossible.
At the end of the seminar, he was amongst those that won and was awarded Ten Million Naira for his dream.  This is to encourage all those with ideas and innovation in whatever field. There are going to be storms and there would be destiny blockers also; but do not get distracted or allow them to prevent you from achieving that very purpose and dream you have inside of you
When you find a dream inside your heart, don’t ever let it go; for dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrow grow. Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality, upgrade your faith to match your destiny. Do not to give up, keep pressing forward with a positive attitude. 
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