Thursday 21 September 2017


The Secret!!!

Recently, my aunt celebrated her 50th birthday and believe me when I say this; She looked effortlessly chic and classy. I couldn’t take my eye off her skin which so soft, smooth, and glowing. Every time I go visiting, I always ask the same question WHAT IS THE SECRET? But this day after seeing her in all her glory at the party, I took out time to really know how she was constantly able to look under 30.

After all the activities had ended, she called me aside and began: Jcee, first of all the problem with most people is that they don’t understand that just as we need to improve our intellectual skills through studying or by experience so also do we need to improve on our body. 
The saying “garbage in garbage out” also applies to our body she continued. The work out you do or dont do will show up in the future,so also the food you eat.  For starters, can you give me a list of all you have eaten in the past two days and you will see for yourself that not all are healthy for you.

I am sure there is nothing wrong with eating what you want to eat but do you know you can still eat all those things with more of vegetable, I love cakes but before I eat such I will first have my tummy filled up with vegetable and fruits so there is little or no space for cake. That sounds crazy right?
But this is not something I do off and on, it is my lifestyle, and I didn’t just start yesterday; right from when I was in my twenties I stuck to it. So this body, this skin you see is a thought process, it is a deliberate act, it did not just happen. When I eat I think about how I want my body to be in the next 10yrs and as we both know, everything has a repercussion just that some consequences are better than the others.

Secondly I take a lot of water to make sure my body stays hydrated all the time. Thirdly, I do not play with my time in the gym, Remember I don’t go to the gym to lose weight I go to the gym to stay fit and healthy. Losing weight comes naturally with working out.

Lastly, learn to nibble on fruits and veggies. I could recommend a whole list of them for you but you just start with my favorite veggie of all time: the cucumber; it may look so small but it has health and vitality stored inside it. Not only does it boost immunity due to its Vitamins A, B and C content, it is also popular in spas to protect your skin from ageing. It helps you stay hydrated because 95% of its content is water. Also for those seeking to lose weight and enjoy fresh breath, cucumber is a solution.
 Remember my dear; eat healthy to stay healthy and you would enjoy the benefits in the long run.

There will be more on healthy living by my aunt herself ...Matilda

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