Thursday 31 August 2017


My friend jenny got a job and o boy was I envious of the job am sure you know the type I am referring to, the type that comes with an apartment in Victoria island, as in serviced apartment with a pool and gym, plus a car with a driver, pls, who doesn’t dream of that type of job? I forgot to add, she also gets paid in US dollars. She was living the good life. In fact, once it's the weekend, we are all jet to her place to have some fun and relax. But as the saying goes, onto whom much is given, much is expected. She had to work her ass off to keep at her job and there is always someone in her office that wants that position.

So this faithful day her supervisors came from the United States, they expected a presentation on how she intends to project the company forward. She had sleepless nights on studying, researching and eventually came up with two proposals which contradicted each other. She had to go with one and she, unfortunately, went with the one the supervisors weren’t too pleased with, which regrettable cost her the job she was so much in love with. Days later, as she was clearing out her office, one of her supervisors picked up the other proposal and told her that if only she had presented it, she will still be here.  

Two months later I went to visit her in her sister’s apartment and the first thing she told me was, If only, jcee, if only I had presented the other proposal, I will still have had my job, she continues,it has been two months and I still can't get over the fact that if only I had presented the other proposal I won't be in this hopeless, jobless, homeless state with no prospect or future plan. I feel so abandoned by God!

If only is a bad baggage many people carry around, this baggage is often full of unfinished business, plans that went away or hurt feelings that have not been healed, the if only baggage gets heavier over time, because it has the ability to keep growing and growing if you don’t let it go, it has the ability of holding you back and preventing you from moving forward.  It makes you feel hopeless and helpless, I can say this because I have been in the same situation on several occasion. But I have learned that mistakes and failures always lead to growth and development. I refuse to dwell in the past and block new ways into the future. I have learnt to replace the word if only with two dynamic, hopeful and optimistic words NEXT TIME, knowing that if I keep regretting my past it prevents new ideas and ways into the future.  

This is to encourage and inspire anyone still holding on to if only , Just like Isaiah 43.18 says remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of the old behold I will do a new thing. Let go of the past and embrace the future with all its limitless possibilities. #wegomakeam  #bosseswithattitude

Jenny’s story is to be continued in the next post.

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