Monday 21 August 2017

Things That Are Not, As Though They Are....

“Being a model is all about attitude not body type. It is a thing of the mind and so like many other professions, you have to make up your mind about it”. These were the words of my sister just before she told me to do a photo shoot and give the pictures to her agent so that he could get modeling gigs for me. Looking into the unusually large make-up mirror she produced from her bag, I replied her: I don’t think I can be a model, I am not skinny enough.
The look on her face showed she was having none of that as an excuse, she said; Jcee, I rather u say u are not interested in modeling, than giving this your lame, usual excuse. Because since I’ve known you, once you make up your mind to take up a challenge, something as little as losing weight can’t stop you.  
This was our argument years ago as my sassy sister and I boarded a flight from Jos to Lagos. At the time, she was schooling in the University of Calabar and was also modeling part-time. In fact, we were traveling for one of her events.
She always believed she should be an international model living in California. hence calling Calabar "Cali" helped bring the beautiful city’s name up to her level and as such, took her a step closer to her dreams.
So it was no surprise to me when after we had disembarked the plane and her phone rang, she answered the call and was like "Hi, I am currently not in Cali, left yesterday but will be back  tomorrow" she said it unconsciously and was quite loud, such that everyone around us could hear her conversation and the reaction on their faces was quite comical like; “does this girl know where California is?” I felt like digging the floor and covering our faces. We had to keep ourselves from telling them that "Cali" we meant was just Calabar here o that someone can even trek to.
Fast forward to today, my sister has lived in California and eventually moved to other cities. Though she is not modeling anymore, she is doing something close to what she loves.  
Thinking big can benefit everyone regardless of profession. Like President Trump once said “We all as humans need to Think so why not Think Big’. Big picture thinking has the ability to bring wholeness and maturity to a persons mindset. It brings perspective, and in the process not just expanding what you can see but also what you are able to do. Amazingly perceptive minds like Robert kiyosaki wrote “If you want to change your life begin by changing your words, start speaking the words of your dreams, of who you want to become not the words of fear and failure” To think big,you must have a vision as well as goals and like my sister often says; “you have to make up your mind on what you want which is your vision and then, you have the permission to think as big as u want”.
This is to encourage all of us to keep calling things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17) and also to keep thinking positive and inspiring thoughts. #wegomakeam #bosseswithattitude #thepowerofpositiveattitude #thinkingbig

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